Forex deposit bonus 2018

Among forex brokers there is a serious struggle for each client, and some brokerage companies offer a deposit bonus. Thus, traders are attracted, who have the opportunity to assess the work of the broker on a real trading account, rather than on a demo.


Regardless of anything, the bonus is always a fantastic opportunity to earn more money. Depending on its nature, the forex bonus can either be a fixed amount allocated for making transactions - something like a gift - or a privilege that saves the money of the trader. Imagine a situation where a trader is limited to a small budget, but he wants to trade more often. His deposit is not enough, but if he has the right to a bonus, the broker will increase the number of new investment funds by a certain percentage. Thus, the trading experience of the trader becomes more promising, while the trading results are more valuable.

And this is not all good about forex bonuses. They can also make the activity of the trader more interesting. When a client sees an opportunity for promotion, a sale or a special offer, he will never go to a deal, right? He wants to receive something for free or for a smaller amount, and bonuses provide such an opportunity. So the bonus system is an element that should not be overlooked in the process of reading a review about a forex broker.

Deposit bonus from Paxforex is a great opportunity to earn more. The name of the bonus speaks for itself. This type of bonus is offered only for beginners on the brokerage website. The bonus on the initial deposit depends on the amount of the first installment on the account, which the trader does, and the more funds are deposited, the greater the bonus.