Forex minimum deposit

Times, when it was required to trade on the currency exchange with a large amount of money,
have passed. Today, a novice trader can start trading with $ 1. And in some cases, it can be
carried out without money at all - it's true, these funds need to be won back, and the amount is
minimal ($ 5-20). It's about the bonuses of Forex.
The convenience of a minimum Forex deposit is that we can invest a small amount to start
trading the minimum possible lot (say, 0.01 on a cent account). And this is quite enough to check
the quality of the broker's trade without worrying about losing money.
Today we will talk about the minimum deposit of Forex and whether it is worthwhile for a trader
to use it at all.
About the leverage and cent accounts
As you know, almost all brokers to date allow you to open cent accounts. Lot is obtained less
than 100 times. Given the presence of leverage (the most popular 1: 100 and 1: 200), this opens
up tremendous opportunities for the trader.
If to invest just a couple of dozen dollars, you can make speculative operations in the world
market as if you have 10,000 times more funds on your account. Yes, you can still lose this
money if you trade inadvertently, but if you have experience, then the lever provided to you at
times will accelerate the receipt of profit (and increase it). For example, in the US stock market,
the leverage is the standard ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3. Proportion 1:10 is already considered to be very
The advantages of a minimum Forex deposit are:
 the opportunity to start trading with any minimum amount.
 the ability to check the broker - the comfort of trade, the compliance of the stated trade
requirements, etc.