Replenish Forex account

The replenishment of Forex account is a very important process, and especially for novice traders who have not yet made money transfers, the more significant.

The oldest and way is to replenish the Forex account by bank transfer. After all, the banking system is quite reliable. Still, while using an electronic system, its user can have the issue of security because of the use of a simple password that can easily be reached by criminals. With bank's services this will not happen.


Now let's look at how the Forex account is replenished through electronic payment systems. In our time of advanced Internet technologies this method of replenishment is the most common. With any payment system, you can carry out a variety of payments, including replenish trading accounts on Forex. And you can do it instantly without spending a lot of time. So, let's consider the most common payment systems, through which you can replenish your personal trading account.

Let's start with  the familiar to almost everybody payment system «WebMoney». This system is notable for the fact that the lowest commission is withdrawn here - 0.8%. To replenish by means of "WebMoney" the user needs to select this payment system as a method of replenishment and specify the amount. Then you will be redirected to the page where you want to confirm the payment.

Today, the payment system "QIWI" is very popular. Here, replenishment of the account also occurs instantly, but the commission is 2.5%. You have the opportunity to issue invoices for payment directly in the "QIWI" system, and by going to your electronic wallet to transfer from a plastic card, without scanning the passport and the card itself.